Where can I get a Premium Account?

     In the Item Shop on the website.
     It can also drop in the game from Silver Lucian's Casket or Mysterious Cube.

Premium account gives a bonus to all characters on the account:

     Exp +100%
     Drop +100%
     Bonus Points +100%
     Silver Coins +100%
   ●  Premium: Compensation

What is Premium Compensation?

“Premium compensation” is a built-in compensation system in the Premium account. If at the moment you will not be able to continue playing any more or you decide to just relax or go about your business, you can activate the “compensation system” and thus for the next 8 hours (max.) your character will receive  Grace Slivers as compensation while you are unavailable. You can receive 240  Grace Slivers in 8 hours (max.) Premium compensation. 

How to receive/activate Premium compensation?

   ●  You must be in the city and use Premium, which is already active on the character. 

What does Premium Grace give?

   ● By activating  Premium Grace for 60  Grace Slivers you will receive +100% to experience and +100% to drop for 30 minutes. A character can receive up to 2 hours of premium grace per day.  



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