Congrats! After reaching level 200, a new "End Game" content developed by our team begins for you, which will not only give you access to new equipment and crafting, but also allow you to unlock the potential of your class in a new way.

Step 14. Abyss of Expuar (200+)

New high level dungeon, for lv. 200+ players. You can move to the entrance through the NPC "Dungeon Teleporter", the entrance through the portal.
In this location, your task is to collect as many resources as possible in order to craft 
Galactic weapons with a relatively good base stat roll, as well as craft one of the new belt sets - Belt Sets (Lv. 200)

* Information about what belt is needed and any other important information for your class can be found here - Guide for Classes

You can find more information about the location here - Abyss of Expuar


Step 15. Magic Polygon (Lv. 200+)

A daily location where you can (once a day) kill a new Legendary bosses and get the resources you need to create and improve Legendary Accessories

You can find more information about the location here - Magic Polygon



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