Step 1.
When you enter the game for the first time, the system will immediately pop-up an offer for you to go to the starting dungeon for leveling-up from level 1 to 150 - accept.
After teleporting, open the "Starter Kit" and put use on your character all the possible equipment that you received.

Step 2. 

In that location, kill the mobs gradually moving deeper into the dungeon until you get the first 2 classes and hit level 150.


Step 3.

After hitting level 150, you can now accept the offer to teleport to the city, then go to the (Job Supporter) NPC Kyrie to get the 3rd class (Master Class / MC) and upgrade your new skills.

* A guide to the distribution of "Talent Points" and other useful informations on your class, you can find it here - Guide for Classes

Step 4.

Next, you can go to one of the locations listed below and farm there your first few billion Rupees, empty pet cards and other useful resources.
You will spend the farmed Rupees on improving future equipment, and you can tame the necessary pet cards and insert them into the equipped belt.

•  Kaia Lake (PvP)

•  Crystal Coast (PvE)

•  Valley of Ice Axes (PvE)


* PvP Zone - you can enable PK mode.
* PvE Zone - it is forbidden to enable PK mode.

* If you don't want to get killed in PK mode, try zones where PK is forbidden.

Step 5. Circus (Lv. 150+) 

On our project, this location has been changed and simplified for beginners.
Here you can get fast experience up to level 160, as well as get some things at level 160, such as: weapons (160), boss cards, or the Bearskin (160) belt, which you will wear until you get the Yushiva's Belt (180).

* Remember, If you didn't manage to get the right equipment, you can always use the "Trade Chat" and In-Game Auctions, where you can easily trade with other players.




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